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The Expropriation Process?

A single parcel of land that is registered in the form of multiple parcels of real estate in the case of separation of the expropriation process is called. When you are an owner of real estate, the sale of a division or portion in the land registry in cases of changes.

How the expropriation process?

Fees must be paid in advance for it to be done excrete the process of expropriation and to the municipality with the required documents is attached to the real property in question should be consulted.

Without the expropriation of the plots is done on the previous value excrete the fee account. The process of expropriation of the property declared by the relevant municipality is made of should not be less than the declared value of the property. Values over land expropriation will be declared Accordingly at a rate of 9.9 per thousand fee is being charged. However, the process of expropriation on real estate which is the subject of a mortgage, easement, or commentary is not supposed to be. (Must be taken by the rights holders)

Documents required for the process of expropriation:

  • Allocation for free post edited by engineers checked and approved by the Directorate of Cadastre and compliance and a top three team that are connected to the statement of changes in File, Control, report and additional documents.
  • Of separation desired by the owner of the immovable or identity card or passport of the authorized representative to represent and document.
  • If requested, the owner of immovable property to be affixed to any deeds taken within the last six months of 6 x 4-inch passport photo.
  • Depending on where the favorable decision of the municipal immovable is located or the county administrative board.
  • The expropriation process is performed Dask earthquake insurance if the nature of the estate where the building is supposed to be.

The expropriation process

Each of the land transactions, as in the laws and specific procedures must be followed during the expropriation process.

First, the location of the land expropriation, which required a reduced amount of we should check to see. Remains within the boundaries of the municipality and the adjacent area if necessary, the Municipal Committee are made to the application process. The land remains outside the boundaries of the municipality and contiguous if necessary, the application should be made to the county administrative board.

30 days is the average time it can be. Within the last 30 days made in the form of announced at the end of the review. Zoning plan must be submitted to the land registry office within 15 days of acceptance. The zoning plan in connection with the registration process with the land registry office must do so within 30 days at the latest.

The process was done by the process is followed. The process allows the implementation of the expropriation by municipalities are determined by intermediaries. The process of the declaration prepared by the cadastral offices in the following order of priority krokil should be forwarded to the engineers. Required inspections are performed by the Directorate of cadastre. In the next step, the municipal and County Administration Board is engaged. These two institutions, with the approval of the paperwork are forwarded by the Directorate of cadastre to the land registry office. In the most recent provincial land registry office to confirm that the new zoning plan is being finalized is accepted.

Documents required for the recovery of the process is important. Municipal councillors in relation to the statement in the first place while moving goods krokil the decision of the compulsory documents that need to be added to one of the important documents.

Owners of these identity cards, or passports are among the documents that need to be added. If they do not apply themselves to that person a power of attorney must be given in the documents. Finally two photos of the documents which should be included in a document.

How to cancel the expropriation process?

The decision of the municipal councillors in case of excrete with the way they can be divided into independent sections. Own the process of expropriation under the zoning plans of municipalities. Excrete made on the municipal side of operations, in the case of cancellation of the expropriation process can be canceled.

What is the process of monotheism?

Used to separate the excrete, as the process of combining the work of monotheism. The process of merging of more than one plot adjacent or near each other. Refers to operations that are performed in the process of being taken under the land registry records. The plot in a piecemeal way and is expressed as the merging of a collection under a single title.


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