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How To Apply For A Building Permit?

There is documentation of the construction of legal structures and configuration. Authorized to continue within documents, construction, and building construction that should be taken for the first document, permit. “What is a building permit and why is it necessary? A building permit is obtained and how?” on topics such as the legal procedures we can talk about. Construction permits, the granting of building permission for construction of the acquired documents. With the start of the presentation of the project permit issued for the planned construction.

What is a building permit?

According to the zoning code specified in the articles of the law, as a result of the completion of the construction of the various construction procedures are allowed. A permit can be made by taking the necessary procedures upon completion of an application for a building permit and a license can be obtained. Illegal structures made prior to the receipt of the licence between all of the buildings are evaluated.

The receipt of building permits is stated in the law numbered 3194. Well, what is a building permit? Why is it necessary?

How to apply for a building permit?

Real estate construction and built to be taken about the suitability permit a building permit is called. To start a construction requires a permit. Made prior to receipt of the permit and all structures that have never been done before, leakage is to be considered. The removal of the license by discontinuing the construction of the illegal construction is detected. October as a result of the fulfillment of registration, by removing the seal can be made.

The first document that should be required for obtaining a permit in the application, the structure of the project. At the same time, the project must contain information within the building and the building owner. The municipalities where the structure is located if it is connected to the permit the permit from the municipality is taken. Belediyelik in the governorates outside the limit with the permission of the licence if the structure is available.

Building permits how long is it valid?

Construction license the license is the document which legally required document. Construction permit obtained by making a reference to the beginning of the validity period of 5 years. The moment of receipt of the first license received from the license allows for 2 years from the date received permissions to begin construction.

“What is a building permit and why is it necessary?” you need to know about the period of validity of the licence. The construction of the building within 24 months of the receipt of the licence should be started. All the structures of the validity period up to 5 years in total and covers. Currently renewal of the license for the renewal period for buildings is required. Regeneration with the aim of building permits; independent sections do not differ in nature or if the gross area determined for the registration process, taxes and fees are not subject to.

Building permits for structures that do not have sanctions

It is mandatory and necessary for the commencement of construction of the document, which applies to the licence on the basis of each construction project. Considered as illegal structures without licenses, illegal construction in the category are evaluated.

Starting unlicensed illegal buildings; construction and demolition construction by operating the stop is located in the region where the decision can be taken. Owners of illegal structures, contractors and principals, unlicensed because of the structure, they may have to pay fines.

Building licences for the purchase of a specified period where mandated by law, declares the start of construction within 2 years. Within the scope of the licence, within 5 years applies.


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