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About Köyceğiz

Koycegiz, Mugla is one of 13 counties within the limits of the province. According to the census it is home to 35,000 people in the county closer to 2016. Rize in Turkey Koycegiz, where rain falls in winter then most of the rain that lasted for two or three months is observed. The livelihood of the inhabitants of the county agriculture, livestock, forestry and tourism covers the activities. Opportunities offered by agriculture to climatic and geographical structure is well developed with convenient and basic source of livelihood.Historical information about Koycegiz data historian Herodotus, the geographer Strabo and offers British archaeologist Hoskin. The history of the village is based on thousands of years. MO date back to 3400 BC, more than one has kept a record of civilization. The Carians, the first community that showed being around Koycegiz. Then, respectively, and the Scythians, the Assyrians, Ionians, the Achaeans, the Persians, Greeks, Seleucids, Romans, Seljuks, and its living areas have established in the Ottoman lands. The Greeks began to establish colonies in the region in the 2000s BC. On this occasion the Greeks with the Carians links between established movements and innovations have emerged in 1000 BC in the region thoroughly. The city of Kaunos Koycegiz in the place where it meets the Mediterranean Sea, through the port of the Carians, has become an important Trade Center.At the period of the Ottoman Empire, the National Resistance Movement during the war of independence and I have become a part of the country has played a role in the defense of. A legend of the name of the village; which is built on the plain, is changed after it is considered that flooded the city. The remaining people who saw a couple of houses, “steeped in the whole city, just on the shore it's up to Koycegiz,” they said. A city is thought to be submerged under the still Lake.Koycegiz is a popular resort with natural beauty and quiet and quaint architecture. Also beaches, hot springs, Highland Village ideal for rest and sightseeing the remains of a Turkish village and its history.

Where Is Koycegiz?

Koycegiz, Aegean meets the Mediterranean Sea in the south of the Aegean region of the Republic of Turkey at the point where the province of Muğla is located. Muğla-Fethiye Highway 60. kilometers is located in.

How To Get To Koycegiz?

To reach Mugla in Dalaman airport to Koycegiz by air may be preferred. Airport is 27 km from Koycegiz.The journey takes approximately 1 hour to reach by road from Muğla to the vehicle. Muğla-Köyceğiz between 55 kilometers. Istanbul-the trip is approximately 800 miles between Köyceğiz and lasts on average 11 hours and 30 minutes by car. The journey lasts close to 9 hours from Ankara. Takes approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes and the road is 271 kilometers from Izmir.

Attractions include Lake Köyceğiz in Köyceğiz-Dalyan via the Strait connecting the Mediterranean, is spread over an area of 6.300 hectares, that is a lake. Lakes, mountains and is fed by three tributaries down into the water. And excess water, transferred to 10-kilometer-long canal and the Mediterranean. At the end of the Strait of Dalyan Sulungur sweet and salty from the water in the lagoon there is a small lake named. This lake is the spawning area for the mullet. On the coast of the Sea 5.5 miles in length, ranging from 50 to 200 meters wide beach. Surfing, water sports such as sailing and rowing opportunities in the presence of the lake as well as offered by eye-catching landscape photographers for mine. Boat trips on the lake are also organized. In addition, quite a nice experience to make a tour around the lake on foot or by car.Sultaniye Hot Springs is good for skin diseases with a peaceful atmosphere. Radon in hot spring waters, calcium sulfate, and chloride are available. Sultaniye Hot Springs is ideal to relax and find healing.In terms of natural beauty and historical importance, the ancient town of caunos Dalyan, which has a value, can be reached by boat from Koycegiz. Kaunos, which is a port city which has commercial importance, is one of the most visited spots in the region. Over time fill with silt sea of the ancient city, for the port is disabled. The ancient city theater, church, public baths and the ruins of a temple that we visit and then take a short trip in history.Ekincik Bay in the eyes of the boat, and is frequented by. The pristine waters and spectacular natural scenery, many of the self-edindirmis goers.



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