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Real Estate Guide

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The portion of land costs and land real estate transactions in the trade. Procedures, may take longer than selecting a home buying. Details and documents the completion of an issue that needs special attention. Property trading and real estate taxes are determined by tax laws according to their categories, fees are paid.
All official documents, photographs must be up to date. New or have a recent photo taken within 6 months minimum is required. The deed will take place on the dimensions of the photo must be in 6 x 4 format.
Zoning provides detailed information about where application will be made, and the plan is called the plan or zoning map. The zoning plan must be made in the population of 10 thousand settlements in the past. The intensity level with the zoning plan, zoning application, Islands, roads, and many statistical reports are generated.
A single parcel of land that is registered in the form of multiple parcels of real estate in the case of separation of the expropriation process is called. When you are an owner of real estate, the sale of a division or portion in the land registry in cases of changes.
Type classification is what we must note for those wondering that is relevant to process the deed. Changing the character of those who registered in the land register, recorded at the registry of deeds and the registration process again, so be of a different nature.
There is documentation of the construction of legal structures and configuration. Authorized to continue within documents, construction, and building construction that should be taken for the first document, permit. “What is a building permit and why is it necessary? A building permit is obtained and how?” on topics such as the legal procedures we can talk about. Construction permits,
Housing related insurance compulsory earthquake insurance, earthquake provides coverage against damage that could be caused. Earthquake insurance is mandatory natural disaster insurance and service offered by the institution. Insurance companies and agents that are authorized by the institution through the development of the policy is provided.
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